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HaS Lanškroun s.r.o. 

company offers provision of services primarily in the following areas:

Trimming and forming of leads
Depending on your requirements we can modify the lengths of the wire leads of components, we can form these leads and then the components can then be placed in the tape. Our supplied components are ready for an immediate use in production. Trimming and forming of wire leads is possible for both small quantities and series production.

Taping of electronic or mechanical components and of small assemblies.

  • according to the requirements of our customers, we are able to insert in blister tapes most types of SMD electronic components or mechanical parts.
  • For components with wire leads we can use paper tape.
  • Before taping of electronic components we can measure them according to your specific requirements.
  • We provide taping both in standard and non-standard types of tapes.
  • Taped components can be supplied either in reels or boxes.
  • We can also manually pack the components into vacuum packaging, after previous drying, in antistatic condition.

According to your requests, we can provide design, development and production of special taping machinery and subsequent taping of small parts or of small assemblies.

Logistics services
According to the requirements of our OEM and CEM customers and their suppliers we provide storage of electronic components, production pre-check and preparation, and delivery just in time directly to the production line. Within logistical services, we also offer an ecological disposal of used reels and packaging material.

On a production area of 1000 sq.m. we perform precision assembly work for external customers. The workplaces carry out processes of both the electronic and mechanical technology. Our foreign business partners appreciate the long years of experience and skill of our staff, and their attention to quality and reliability.

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Trimming and forming Tape and reel

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