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HaS Lanškroun s.r.o.

company, founded in 1990, is relying on a 70-year tradition of electronic production in the region. Its experienced team primarily manufactures, co-operates and provides services in the field of passive electronic components. Besides of that, HaS is supporting production operations of customers by designing and manufacturing special equipment. Domestic as well as foreign business partners of HaS Lanškroun s.r.o. appreciate modern technology, technological innovation and constant emphasis on quality and adaptation to customer needs.

The main activities of our company are:

  • Supplies of SMD resistors, SMD sensors, and power resistors
  • Design and manufacture of machinery, measuring instruments and jigs for electronic and electrical production
  • Taping of SMD components in blister tapes and components with axial
  • Trimming and forming component wire leads
  • Deliveries of passive electronic components
  • Manufacture of precision parts, such as contacts
  • Sputtering of plastic or ceramic surfaces in vacuum
  • The logistical services

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HaS Lanškroun s.r.o.
company is located in a highly industrial region, in a township of Dolní Čermná some 9km from the town of Lanškroun. For more than half a century, the town of Lanškroun in the eastern part of Bohemia is a focus point of production of passive electronic components accompanied with all supporting industries. Having population of 10,000, it is characterized by 6,000 jobs in electronics, machinery production, production of precise tooling and related production of metal and plastic parts for most demanding applications. Two of local companies reached more than 20 percent world market shares, one of them is a supplier for space industry.

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HaS Lanškroun s.r.o. company considers its duty to preserve the evidence of the technological history. In 2009 it has opened a Museum of historical radio receivers and electronic components located in one of its buildings.
We can find here about 200 thoroughly restored radio receivers from the twenties of the past century until the beginning of a semiconductor era in early seventies. To this day, most of the receivers are capable of operation.
A collection of electronic components, being intensely collected at present, shall become a substantial part of the museum. This collection is focused on products of a once major manufacturer of passive components –TESLA Lanškroun. From 1945 until beginning of this century, this company was a nearly monopoly manufacturer of resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, chokes and other components as well as of hybrid integrated circuits, incorporating a number of supporting activities of machinery production, tooling, detail parts for components, etc.
Up to now, the extense components, machinery and tooling industry in the region of  Lanškroun is benefiting from the tradition and experience of that company, that does not exist at present any more.

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