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About Us

HaS Lanškroun s.r.o. company has been founded in 1990. The original manufacture of precision chip resistors extended gradually by further follow-up services for manufacturers of electronic products and electronic components. Domestic as well as foreign business partners of HaS Lanškroun s.r.o. appreciate modern technology, technological innovation and constant emphasis on quality and adaptation to customer needs.

The main activities of our company are:

  • Supplies of SMD resistors, SMD sensors, and power resistors
  • Design and manufacture of machinery, measuring instruments and jigs for electronic and electrical production

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Company HaS Lanškroun s.r.o. company provides supplies of resistor components made by:

  • microtech GmbH electronic
  • Susumu Co., Ltd.
  • Widap Group (Widap AG, ESTEC Elektrotechnik AG, Robert Gut AG)
  • SRT Resistor Technology GmbH


These are mainly:
Resistors (precision, power, special, wire-wound), resistive networks, sensors and potentiometers.

In case that you are interested we are prepared to supply even complete sets of other electronic components.

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Company HaS Lanškroun s.r.o. company offers provision of services primarily in the following areas:
Trimming and forming of leads

Depending on your requirements we can modify the lengths of the wire leads of components, we can form these leads and the components can then be placed in the tape.

Our supplied components are ready for an immediate use in production.

Trimming and forming of wire leads is possible for small quantities as well as for series production.

Taping of electronic or mechanical components.

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